Are you gifted in music but also love youth ministry? Do you enjoy camping ministry yet find yourself burdened for missions? Perhaps the Lord has placed on your life a unique calling; now you need the best specialized training to hone that passion.

Earning an accredited double major with the Interdisciplinary bachelor's degree from Appalachian Bible College provides a robust Bible and Theology core and gives you flexibility to take ministry-specific courses. This will effectively prepare you for a lifetime of serving God with your talents.

The ABC Advantage

Our Program

By taking more than 30 hours of elective classes and courses at Appalachian Bible College, you can concentrate in two or more disciplines. The range of choices and the opportunities to specialize in multiple areas creates a major that is best tailored to your academic and ministry goals.

Our Faculty

Dr. Joel Pinter - Interdisciplinary Chair

Dr. Joel Pinter - Interdisciplinary Chair

I'm excited about the Bible / Theology core curriculum in the Interdisciplinary degree. This major also provides flexibility for students, enabling them to design a program to fit their particular interests, talents, or calling.

This is the heart of the Bible College movement which has provided effective pastors and missionaries who have evangelized the lost and planted churches in our country and around the world.

Why Interdisciplinary?


Why study a prescribed curriculum when you can custom-build your own degree? Choose the accredited Interdisciplinary degree at Appalachian Bible College to develop top skills in multiple areas and pursue your heart's passion!

Surveys indicate that most students change their majors at least three times before graduating. While there is nothing wrong with changing your major, the risk is that you will fall behind. Transfer students face a similar challenge. ABC's Interdisciplinary bachelor's degree may be just what you need to graduate on schedule.

Potential Ministry Combinations

  • Pastoral, Missions, and Music
  • Music and Missions
  • Camping plus Youth and Family
  • Elementary Education and Missions
  • Youth and Family plus Pastoral
  • Missions and Biblical Counseling

Objectives & Outcomes

You will be trained in… Leading to…
Multiple ministry tracks that match your giftedness and passion development of your uniqueness for effective service in the Body of Christ.

Interdisciplinary Courses

Interdisciplinary Courses Interdisciplinary Course Guide

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